About Thriving Community Solutions

Thriving Community Solutions LLC helps communities thrive. In the short-term, we help them build their resilience to withstand growing community challenges Beyond, we coach communities to become self-reliant and regenerative, to thrive in the New Economy of continuously increasing resource efficiency, and to reduce waste.

TCS understands that community is the prime engine of local wealth production in the new (generative) economy. The core resource required to drive wealth production is the ‘spend-to-survive’ monies which, when spent locally, aretransformed into ‘invest-to-thrive’ wealth. Recirculating the investment-to-thrive locally keeps community wealth and self-reliance continuously increasing, enhancing the wellbeing of the community. Therefore, building local community self-reliance is the new community growth strategy. This is accomplished through the actions of community making entrepreneurs.

Community making entrepreneurs generate and operate the organizations that constitute the critical local livelyhood, the local system of capital recirculation that also acts to provision the local community for self-reliant living. TCS educates, guides and supports community making entrepreneurs in mastering the community development rules of wealth, community and capital in the new economy to shift the community from being externally organized to export wealth to being self-organizing to generate wealth locally.

Integral to our work is helping communities build their potential to thrive as the reality of resource constraints, as well as escalating and ever more complex community challenges become the new reality. We help people understand the dynamics through which communities as complex systems operate and how to maximize health, wealth, and prosperity in these complex systems so that they may thrive in the emerging new (generative) economy.


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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the old one obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller